Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Hope From Royals Camp!

In a previous entry I wrote that I was convinced that Ross Gload, "at the expense of better players with more potential," would play a "significant" role for the Royals in 2009." But after reading Bob Dutton's report in today's Kansas City Star, I am now cautiously optimistic I might have been wrong. Is it possible that Dayton Moore and Trey Hillman finally realize that Ross Gload, a player who's only "skill" is making a so-called productive out, has no value to the Royals?

At the time I wrote the entry mentioned above, I didn't believe that Moore would consider releasing Gload and eating his nearly $2 million salary. Ross Gload is Dayton Moore's boy. Moore signed Gload to a two year contract when every other Major League team would have given him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. But the headline over Dutton's report, "Gload battling the odds to keep spot on Royals’ roster" is a clear indication that Moore and Hillman are, at the very list, thinking about admitting the Gload signing was a mistake and cutting their losses. It is far from certain the Royals will waive Gload but knowing that Moore and Hillman are considering the possibility should make every Royals fan smile.


keith said...

It is fun to read all of your Royals comments. For a guy who is half a country from KC you are right on the money most of the time. I hope you give a critical look into the hitting of the club. As you know Kevin Seitzer is the new Royals hitting coach and we all know how he did in Arizona. He sucked! After they canned him at the All Star Break the Diamondbacks went on a tear and made the playoffs. He is my biggest concern when it comes to the Royals this year. I can't wait to see your comments on this topic.

Kevin said...

Thanks for reading the blog. Your suggestion of looking at Seitzer as Royals hitting coach is an interesting one. I will research the topic and post an entry on that topic soon.