Friday, January 9, 2009

Willie Bloomquist-What is Dayton Moore Thinking?

According to the club's official website, the Royals have signed Willie Bloomquist. The Bloomquist signing is another entry on the list of poor moves by Royals GM Dayton Moore. With each free agent signing and trade, Dayton Moore is proving to Royals fans that he is completely clueless on how to go about building a playoff caliber team. Despite Moore's "best" efforts the Royals are no closer to being a contending team than when he assumed the position of Royals GM.

In Dick Kaegel's report on the Royals website, Moore describes Bloomquist as "an on-base guy." Anyone that describes Willie Bloomquist as an "on-base guy" is not qualified to hold the GM position of a Major League baseball team. During the past three seasons the average American League OBP has been in the neighborhood of .335. Bloomquist's career OBP of .322 is well below the American League average. Bloomquist did post an OBP of .377 in 2008 but, given his over all career performance, this was an anomonoly.

Moore describes Bloomquist as "speed-type player and a hustler....a Craig Counsell-type who really plays hard, hustles and knows how to play." This sounds good but the Royals need players that can actually play the game at a Major League level. Willie Bloomquist is not such a player.

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Josh said...

Absolutely nothing that Dayton Moore said makes any sense with this move...and how did Bloomquist get two years?