Monday, February 25, 2008

Rotisserie Baseball Software

Spring training is under way and for many baseball fans it is the time to begin preparing for the rotisserie/fantasy season. Playing rotisserie baseball has turned into a year around hobby for me and it has enhanced my enjoyment of following the baseball season. Each March, I make the trek to Las Vegas to play in the LV Experts AL and NL leagues. I also play in the Armchair Commissioners League which is a very competitive NL only league. These leagues are for moderate stakes league and they are made up of experienced, top of the line roto players. Since 2005 I have been fortunate to finish in a money position once in the NL and twice in the AL Las Vegas league. I credit part of the success I have enjoyed to Diamond Draft software.

I will begin by stating I have no financial or personal interest in Diamond Draft software. I do not know any of the individuals responsible for this product and I have already paid full price for the 2008 version of the software. I am writing this entry because I am impressed with the product and have found valuable. Before discovering Diamond Draft, I would take a brief case full of spreadsheets and magazines to the auctions. Many times I felt I missed out on a player I could have bought for a bargain price because I was busy checking my notes or trying to find the player’s entry in a magazine. Diamond Draft has eliminated these problems because every piece of information a roto owner needs to have a successful draft is only a mouse click away.

The best introduction to Diamond Draft would be to visit the website at It is free to download the software demo and the cost to purchase the full version is only $13.95. Compared to the cost of some of the other software currently on the market, Diamond Draft is reasonably priced.

Some of the advantages of Diamond Draft:
  • Ease of setup. The individual screens are easy to understand and the icons make it easy to navigate from screen to screen.
  • Diamond Draft can be customized to fit any league. Player pool, scoring categories, and the number of teams in the league are just a few of the areas that can be modified to fit the parameters of an individual league.
  • Frequent updates of player projections and depth charts. I find this to be extremely valuable in preparing for the auctions. The magazines for sale on the newsstands are usually $7.00 and contain a great deal of out of date information. Click the mouse and Diamond Draft updates depth charts, projections, and dollar values.
  • Because Diamond Draft is user friendly, it is easy to use during an intense auction. The software allows the owner to keep track of the available players and the amount of money each owner has left to spend. A key feature is the automatic adjustment of player’s values before and during the auction to account for inflation. This is a valuable feature for owners in a keeper league.
  • A data base that includes hundreds of minor league players plus printable reports that can be customized to fit an owner’s particular needs.
Since I began using the software, Diamond Draft has helped me be more efficient and productive at my roto auctions and I recommend it to all. Good luck to all roto players this year.

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